Friday, July 31, 2009

Evening Drive

We just took a summer evening drive through the Buckingham Lake neighborhood down New Scotland Ave. to downtown Albany. We walked around on the South Mall and enjoyed the view before driving up N. Pearl into Menands and then took the highways back home. After raining all day and flooding throughout the region over the last few days, it was not surprising to see people take advantage of a beautiful evening. People were walking down the new sidewalks on Schoolhouse Rd. in Guilderland and there was a younger family singing in their small yard on N. Pearl in North Albany. A beautiful pink sky led the way westbound on I-90 back home. It amazes me sometimes that people leave Albany after work and risk their lives to get the hell out as quickly as possible because it was pretty enjoyable being out there tonight.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corning Preserve Bike Path

Well, I just gave Miss Lizzy a little midnight snack so she'll be all set for another 2 minutes.

I just wanted to note that, on Saturday, Alex and I finally rode our bikes just a few miles up the bike path leading north from the Corning Preserve boat launch almost to the 378/Menands Bridge before turning around. I must admit I didn't expect it to be as nice and as varied of an environment as it was since the land is mostly artificially joined together natural elements (Hudson River islands) with parcels of mowed lawns and tree-lined areas along with plain old wooded areas. It was beautiful. Since it was one of the few nice days we've had this summer, everyone and their brother was out on the path including walkers, runners, bicyclists, etc. The views of the Hudson that open up every so often are perfect and, for the time being, the opposite shore from Rensselaer north to South Troy is relatively undeveloped except for a modest power facility. The river was sparkling and some boaters were stationed near one of the tributary outlets for fishing. The path crosses over the outlets of the Patroon Creek and Little River, of note. I loved that there are interpretive signs along the path, including one for Al-Tro Park (historical) which existed after Pleasure Island in the Menands portion of the old river flats east of current Simmons Lane. Now, as I-787 has linked all the old islands together with fill and separated the river from the downtown portions of Albany, Menands, Watervliet, and Cohoes, it is important to inform people of what used to exist on the very ground this bike path covers. The river used to be an important part of everyone's lives before we decided to throw an interstate highway in front of it.

We walked down to the Riverfront Park portion of Corning Preserve and had a small picnic while watching the river and all the people enjoying the beautiful day.


Welp, I've decided to give a blog a try. Since it seems I spend most of my time thinking about and researching Albany and the Hudson Valley area, I decided I need to organize and archive some of my thoughts. My photography of the region and other aspects of my life has been my outlet for the last few years. Check it out here. I hope if you're reading this then you enjoy some of my ramblings.