Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wedding Venues

We began looking at wedding venues with our wedding planner, Taia, and we visited three sites over two days: Pruyn House in Colonie, and the Appel Inn as well as the Altamont Manor House in Altamont. All three are terrific sites and should be at the top of any local person's list for any type of event. The views are awesome from the Altamont Manor House in the Helderbergs looking towards Albany and points further, by the way. We definitely have our eyes set on one of the sites at this point but nothing is set in stone.

Saturday night we took a stroll down Schoolhouse Rd. in Guilderland to Vaughn Rd. and back to Woodlake. It seems more kids are riding their bikes without helmets these days than back before there began the push for helmet/bicycle safety when i was a kid. It's amazing how neglectful parents are.

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